The Apex of Ludicrous

Hello World!

I had a blog at one time that I faithfully maintained.  I had called it Tangled Up in Blue Guy.  But the hosting expired, and the domain name expired.  I had fully intended to buy it up again when I can, but someone in Brazil decided that it may be worth something and they snapped it up and now post “parking lot” posts in Portuguese.  I find that rather humorous.

I want to blog again.  I like to write and this is good exercise.  Whether I ever expand the reach to where Tangled Up in Blue Guy had been remains to be seen.  Blogging doesn’t seem to be as popular a means of expression as it had before.

There shall soon be an about page that explains the concept of Apex of Ludicrous, and why I am unconcerned about the grammar being a botched up mess.  It’s ludicrous.